Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why Do I Live?

Why Do I Live?

by Anna Pulickal

There's a yearning in my heart
To put meaning to the part
I have to enact
In this play called life

I don’t seem to be the perfect lime-lit star
I’m not the villain, surely not the extra!
Then who am I? I sought
…………………..and I thought
……………………….and now I know…

I am the silent torch bearer, humble and sweet,
For every scene, I light the lamps on every street.
Noone ever sees me cos I melt into the night
But behind me they always see the blazing trail of light .

If I didn’t play my part
Nor brighten every corner dark
This world would never point its finger at me.
Cos merged with the night I would be

Neither would my conscience prick
Cos without the light …my faults I cannot see!
But then on life’s stage I’d truly be just a nobody!

But I’m more than a nobody
I am the torchbearer, albeit obscure!
The actors see no charm in me
And my role is acknowledged by nobody-yet!

The torchbearer has his fingers charred
Blackened, blistered rudely marred,
By flaming coals that accidentally slipped
Onto the hands that silently lit.

And one day his little flame burned out!
Never to breathe think or aspire .
But like a phoenix out of ashes he arose
And flew to the One who had kindled his fire .

Like in every play at its climactic end
"Life’s" stage too, will one day her curtains close
Then the Author of “Life”will eternity spend
Giving due acknowledgement to the world’s dross.

What was never applauded will then be exalted
What the world turned its face from will then be looked upon
Charred hands ,weary feet that walked drab streets lighting lamps,
will then be honoured, like champs!

Are you a torchbearer….?
Let Jesus be your light and loving flame…..
It’s the surest shot at eternal fame
Be a torchbearer for Christ

Monday, January 02, 2006

JY Podcast 'Youth Vibes' Launched!

'Youth Vibes' - Jesus Youth launches Podcast

On New Year's day, Jesus Youth announced the launch of its podcast 'Youth Vibes'. "The birth of the new year will also mark the entry of Jesus Youth into a new media - the fast growing new age media of podcasting", Mr. Manoj Sunny, the International Co-ordinator of Jesus Youth, announced.

While "the pilot episode will center around the personal experiences of different Jesus Youth, later episodes will cover a whole range of aspects relevant to young people today" the note on JOYnet, Jesus Youth's egroup, observed.

According to the website information, the weekly podcast updated every monday, would feature "youth responses to current issues and spirituality" and would "offer a common platform for young people across the world who are committed to living a Christ-centred life.

"The podcast may be downloaded from

What is a podcast?

A podcast is simply a web feed of audio files (although increasingly people are applying the term to video and other media) that is placed on the Internet for anyone to download. It's usually possible to download the files directly from the website, just as one would normally do; however, special programs called podcatchers exist that let users subscribe to podcasts in order to automatically download and store the media files for later playback.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Carol Night at Manipal

Carol Night at St. Joseph's Church Manipal

It was a night of carols on the 10th December at St. Joseph's Church, Ishwarnagar, Manipal. The program was largely organised by and for the malayalam speaking Jesus Youth of Manipal and included singing, music, dances and a skit in malayalam. The Christmas message was delivered by Most. Rev. Lawrence Mukkuzhy, the Bishop of the Syro Malabar diocese of Belthangady. Those who attended the program had the experience of beautiful Christmas moments to carry home.

Posted by Saumy Joseph

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Personal Testimony of Father James Manjackal M.S.F.S

Personal Testimony of Father James Manjackal M.S.F.S

At home from my childhood I have heard my mother praying to the Holy Spirit at the beginning of the evening family prayers which would last one to one and half hours. Later in the seminary at the beginning of the classes and important events there used to be a prayer or a hymn to the Holy Spirit. This is all I knew of the Holy Spirit in the past. There was not even a teaching or a thesis on the Holy Spirit in my theology course. Of course I knew from my catechism that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity and that He gives grace in our lives. But I never had an experience of the Holy Spirit until I came to it through the powerful prayer of a young man.

After my ordination to priesthood on the 23rd April 1973 I worked in the missions of Visakhapatnam for about an year and then I was appointed as a professor in S.F.S. Seminary Ettumanoor, Kerala. As I was a student in the seminary it was my earnest desire to be professor in a University or seminary, a comfortable and honourable position in priestly life. I could never imagine going about like a vagabond from place to place putting up with different situations, people, culture and food. In myself I was seeking material comforts and security of happy living.

In 1975 I happened to read articles on healings and the gift of tongues from an American Magazine "New Covenant". I could not believe that on these days people are healed by faith and prayers. I scoffed the gift of tongues saying that it must be the hysteric mournings of women! My mind was filled with the pride of my knowledge in Philosophy and Psychology.

Then I heard about a Charismatic retreat in Poona in North India. Along with an old priest of my own congregation I attended the retreat preached by Fr. James D´Souza. He was a powerful preacher and a good singer. I liked his preaching and singing. I did not go for a healing prayer as I was not sick. I made a good confession and followed all the instructions of the preacher like raising and clapping hands. When he spoke of the gift of tongues and other Charisms I thought they were not for me but would be for the spiritually elite. On the day of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit I prepared myself well and sat on the chair along with other participants. Continue reading...

Posted by Shan Fabianose

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Poem: The Spiritual Battle

The Spiritual Battle

by Anna Pulickal

When the spiritual battle gets tiring
And I just wanna give up fighting
I feel His Sacred Heart inviting
Inviting me to go on.

I feel Him saying "You should be strong"
You shouldn't stop, you should go on.
You shouldn't stop till you reach the top
Yeah the top of Calvary
For only there will you be free,
Hanging with Me upon that tree;
that forlorn tree of Calvary!

With my self crucified, my earthly friends bidding goodbye;
It comes to me in a flash that all earthly treasures were mere trash
Heavens threshold beckons now
Now I fathom why and I fathom how
My loving father gave His all for me
In His heart the space couldn't be
Filled to fullness without me for eternity
O His grace; in it I drown, He gives to me a prince's crown!
All evil from me is now effaced, by His Love I'm amazed!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jesus Youth at Manipal

Jesus Youth Manipal Blog

Permit me first of all to introduce Jesus Youth to you.

Jesus Youth is a Catholic youth initiative rooted in Charismatic Spirituality, spread all over India and in a few other countries of the world. Our strength is a Jesus centred life - starting with God experience; growing through prayer, sacraments and fellowship; and bearing fruit in a life style of sharing the Good News of Jesus with others. Though not a community, we are a wide network of strong small fellowship groups. In our own unique life situations we strive to set apart time for the Lord, answering the challenges of today's world in the power of the Spirit.

We, here at Manipal, have a Jesus Youth prayer group meant for youth and it mostly consists of professional or medical students, though there is no such restriction, and we meet at 5.30pm every Thurday at Christ Church, Manipal. Well if you didn't know, Manipal is a town ('a university town' - that describes it better), in Udupi District, Karnataka, India.

Christ Church in Manipal is a part of the Latin rite Catholic Diocese of Mangalore. St. Joseph's Church at Ishwarnagar, Manipal, where there is a Jesus Youth prayer group in malayalam, belongs to the Syro-Malabar rite Catholic Diocese of Belthangady.

You may reach us at : jymanipal (AT)

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